Herald on top of Australian Alps Lily Farm group 2012 Photo and Video Gallery
Photograph & Video contributions from TCCV members are welcome.
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Resolution preferred: 640 x 480 px.
Bush Fire memorial Run 2013 Motorclassica 2012
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About PhotoBucket

Purpose: TCCV's PhotoBucket account allows the general public to view photos of Club members, cars and events. Club members can also upload their Club-related images.

Where do I find the site? Clicking on this link http://s882.photobucket.com/user/TCCV/profile/ will take you there.

How are the photos organised? Photos are organised in albums listed down the left of screen. Within these albums are a number of sub-albums covering individual events for your viewing pleasure.

How do I VIEW the photos?

  1. Go to http://s882.photobucket.com/user/TCCV/profile/.
  2. Click "View Library" and browse the folders left of screen.

How do I UPLOAD my photos?

  1. Go to http://s882.photobucket.com/user/TCCV/profile/.
  2. Click "Log in and enter the Club's account username and password.
    (available to TCCV members here).
  3. Click the large "UPLOAD" button.
  4. Click the arrow right of "Your Bucket" to drop a list of folders.

    Navigate to the correct event year (eg. "TCCV Events 2016")
    and then the correct event folder for your pictures to keep the collection structured and organised.
    Note: You may need to create a new sub-album for the event if someone has not already done so.
  5. I recommend you select the PhotoBucket upload option box to upload in bulk. Avoid the "Drag n' Drop photos & videos" option.
    If you don't want to upload photos yourself you can email them to photos@tccv.net and they will magically appear on PhotoBucket within a few days, courtesy the PhotoMaster, but he will need to know the name of the Club event associated with your photos and if you can, even a brief description of each photo to facilitate searches.
  6.  Remember to "Log Out"  when finished.

How do I find photos of my type of car? Easy, enter the type of car of interest into the PhotoBucket search box, top right of the screen. However, searching is only as good as the tags on the photo. Where possible, when uploading pictures please add a short description to assist in future searches.

Do photos need to be in a particular format? Upload all photos as .jpg format and keep them relatively small as we have only limited storage.

What if I make a mistake? Mistakes are easily fixed in PhotoBucket: just mouse over the top left corner of the photo to bring up the editing menu where you can select delete. If you are adventurous you can select edit and then crop, resize, change colour and generally enhance the picture on the site. If all else fails, email details to photos@tccv.net, and the PhotoMaster will fix it.

 Video archive

Shannons Club TV

These videos were taken by TCCV members on Events