TCCV Member Maurice Woodman

Entrant for Next "Shitbox Rally"

A good mate and I are driving from Mackay to Darwin in October as part of the "Shitbox Rally".

The rally raises much needed research funds for the Cancer Council.

We are not taking the Stag, of course, but we are in a neck and neck battle to be the highest money raising team.
So if you would like to help out with a tax deductible donation, we would be super grateful.
Below is the link to our "We Give" donation site.

I know many have been touched in some way by this insidious disease.
Personally, my wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer, so please get on board and support.

Check out the great video of this years Autumn rally on the "Shitbox Rally" website below.


If COVID gets in the way in October, the rally will be either postponed until 2022 or the route changed.
Either way, ALL donations will still go to the Cancer Council.
Maurice Woodman and Brook Ratcliff