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1983-06Triumph 2000Anon.2000Road TestsA comprehensive article on the Triumph 2000, including technical specifications and a road test
1983-06History of Triumphs pre 1945Anon.Marque Historynon-technicalA four page article tracing the history of pre WW2 Triumphs
1983-08Triumph 2500S - the car with party mannersAnon newspaper 2500SRoad TestsA newspaper article reviewing the 2500S including a comparison with four other vehicles
1983-09TR,1, 2, 3Anon.TR2, TR3,TR3ARestorationA 11 page article on the development of the early TR series, the strengths and weaknesses, and modifications introduced in successive models to overcome weaknesses
1983-10TR,1, 2, 3Anon.TR2, TR3,TR3ARestorationSecond in a two part series, A 12 page article on the development of the early TR series, the strengths and weaknesses, and modifications introduced in successive models to overcome weaknesses
1983-12The HeraldAnon.HeraldRoad TestsA comprehensive article on the Triumph Herald, including technical specifications and a road test
1984-01Of Twin Cams and RacingAnon.Twin-Cam TriumphsEngineTechnical overview of Triumph Twin-cam engines, mainly the Dolomites.
1984-02The TR4Anon.TR4Road TestsBrief history and technical overview of the TR4.
1984-03The TR4AAnon.TR4ARoad TestsBrief history and technical overview of the TR4A.
1984-05TR6 Broad shouldered TriumphAnon.TR6Non-TechnicalVery Brief History of the development of the TR6
1984-05The SpitfireAnon.SpitfireNon-TechnicalVery Brief History of the development of the Spitfire
1984-06Handbrake HorrorSteve SealeyMk 2 SaloonsBrakesA modification to improve the effectiveness of the handbrake mechanism
1984-08Triumph 1300Anon.1300Non-TechnicalVery Brief History of the development of the Triumph 1300
1984-09Power with Glory (Part 1)Steve SealeyMk 2 SaloonsEngineFitting a P76 V8 into a Triumph Mark 11
1984-09Fitting new brake shoes to Mark 11 SedansRoger McCowanMk 2 SaloonsBrakesUsing alternative ( Hillman Hunter) brake shoes for the rear of Mark 11 sedans
1984-10The final TriumphAnon.AllNon-TechnicalAn overview of the history and ultimate demise of the Triumph motor vehicle
1984-10Power with Glory (Part 2)Steve SealeyMk 2 SaloonsEnginePart two of the article describing the fitting of a P76 V8 into a Mark 11 sedan
1984-10Got a Rattle????Roger McCowanMk 2 SaloonsBodyIdentifying and fixing a rattle coming from the rear door in the Mark 11
1984-11The Brake SystemBrian CampbellMk 2 SaloonsBrakesUsing alternative ( Hillman Hunter) brake shoes for the rear of Mark 11 sedans - an alternative view to that in the article in 1984-09
1984-11Steering Rack MountsJason ShawMk1, Mk2 Saloons and EstatesSteeringRevised steering mounts - a short article on a revised mount.
1984-11Power With Glory( Part 3 Final)Steve SealeyMk 2 SaloonsEnginePart three and final part of the article describing the fitting of a P76 V8 into a Mark 11 sedan
1985-01Tungsten Halogen LightingGraham BradshawAllElectricalIssues to consider when fitting tungsten Halogen Bulbs in Triumphs
1985-08Some alternative thoughts on design considerations for the Triumph 2500 MK2Roger McCowan2500 Mk 2EngineSome interesting theoretical technical statistics on the 2500 engine incl. Brake mean effective pressure, BHP ratios piston speeds and other statistics
1986-01RelaysFrank BaileyAllElectricalWhat relays are and do and how they work
1986-09Pressure Differential Warning ActivatorFrank Bailey2500TCBrakesRepairing, Replacing PDWA on 2500TC
1987-09Classic Triumphs - Triumph 1300"Car" Magazine 19661300Road TestsOriginally written for "Forces Driving Club" Singapore
1987-11"Keep your head flat""British Sports car Mechanics 02/03 1985DolomiteEngineDolomite head gasket failures can be cured with a set of modified studs and bolts.
1987-11Getting Hot and ColdFrank BaileyMk 2 SaloonsHeaterHow to remove and repair the heater valve
1988-02Steve SealeyAll with PI enginesFuel SystemInstalling a Fuel pressure gauge as a diagnostic aid
1988-02Starter Motor Step by Step Fault finding ChartAnon.AllElectricalFault finding chart for suspected Starter Motor Problems
1988-03Reversing light switch problemsSteve RandallDolomite 1850ElectricalA short tip on fixing Reversing light problems caused by the switch
1988-03Restoring and Protecting internal woodwork trimRoger McCowanAllTrimAlso covers tips on staring the process from new timber .
1988-04Glove Box LightingRoger McCowanAllElectricalInstalling a glove box light in models without them
1988-05Upper Cylinder LubricantRoger McCowanAllEngineUsing Distillate as an upper cylinder lubricant alternative
1988-05Improving Cooling of 6 Cylinder enginesRoger McCowan2000, 2500Cooling SystemTwo alternatives to improve cooling efficiency
1988-06Californian Triumph kit car"Modern Motor" 10/87Marque HistoryRoad TestsA hunter Kit car based on Triumph Chassis variants
1988-07Triumph TraumaJohn Seeley2.5PI sedanWorkshop/diagnosticsTracing simple problems with a MK11 PI
1988-08Index of Articles June 1983-June 1988AnonAllLibraryA complete index of all articles, technicle and non-technicle to June 1988
1988-09Autocar Road Test Triumph 1300"Autocar" 02/661300Road TestsA detailed road test and technical overview of Triumph 1300
1988-10"Wet Feet in a 2500S"Richard Rossington2500SBodyTracing a water leak in the cabin.
1988-10Limping home with a cracked distributor capLionel WestleyAllElectricalA temporary fix for a hairline crack in a distributor cap
1988-11Triumph and TragedyAnon.Marque HistoryNon-TechnicalA brief article tracing the development and the demise of the Triumph motor vehicle
1988-11Concourse PreparationAnon.AllNon-TechnicalTips for preparing your car for Concourse
1989-022500TC to PI ConversionLeon Sims2500TCFuel SystemTips for converting a 2500TC to PI
1989-06An Overdrive Triumph"The Autocar" 08/50All with O'DGearboxExperiences of the Laycock de Normanville Transmission
1989-07Triumph Spitfire mark 11"Road and Track" 06/65SpitfireRoad TestsRoad test and Technical specification
1989-10TR4-4A-5 Special Edition-Introduction"Sporting Cars" 10/84TR4,TR4A,5Road TestsA comprehensive article covering the history, technical specifications and road Tests for these vehicles.
1989-11Suspension Systems describedAnon.AllSuspensionA description of suspension types used in Triumphs
1989-12Dolomite oil leaksNigel ParkerDolomiteEngine A Short article on detecting and rectifying oil leaks in the Dolomite
1989-12Repairing Window winder handlesJohn SeeleyMk 2 SaloonsInteriorA handy DIY tip for fixing broken window winder handle knobs
1990-03The Sporting TriumphAnon.AllRoad TestA series of articles tracing the history and development of pre WW2 models, reprinted from two editions of "The Autocar" in 1924 and 1934.
1990-03Which Brake Fluid?Anon.AllBrakesA comparison of mineral based and silicon brake fluids in Triumphs
1990-04Has your Dolly got the hots?Nigel ParkerDolomite SprintCooling SystemThe importance of having the correct radiator in the sprint
1990-06Dolomite- Dignified and delightfulAnon.Dolomite 1850Road TestA reprint of "Leyland and the future" undated, specification and road test of the 1970's
1990-06SprintAnon.Dolomite SprintRoad testReprint of "Classic and sports car" January 1990, a technical article and road test, together with some historical background on the development
1990-07Split pinsAnon.AllRestorationThe importance of using the correct split pins
1990-08PI Passion part 1"PI Pete"All with PI enginesEnginesThe first in a series of articles on the technical specifications and the maintenance of PI engines in Triumphs
1990-09PI Passion part 2"PI Pete"All with PI enginesEnginesThe second in a series of articles on the technical specifications and the maintenance of PI engines in Triumphs
1990-09Dry StrippingRay BrownAllBodyworkThe process of dry stripping paint is described in full
1990-10PI Passion part 3"PI Pete"All with PI enginesEnginesThe third in a series of articles on the technical specifications and the maintenance of PI engines in Triumphs
1990-10Unleaded petrolRay BrownAllFuel SystemThe suitability of unleaded petrol for triumphs and some remedies
1990-11PI Passion part 4"PI Pete"All with PI enginesEnginesThe fourth in a series of articles on the technical specifications and the maintenance of PI engines in Triumphs
1991-02PI Passion part 5"PI Pete"All with PI enginesEnginesThe fifth in a series of articles on the technical specifications and the maintenance of PI engines in Triumphs
1991-03The last of the hairy chested sports carAnon. TR6Road TestAn article on the development of the TR6
1991-03PI Conversion"PI Pete"All with PI enginesEnginesThe sixth and last in a series of articles on the technical specifications and the maintenance of PI engines in Triumphs
1991-04Dallying with DolliesNigel ParkerDolomite 1850EngineReplacing the head gasket
1991-04PI Pieces"PI Pete"All with PI enginesEnginesA tip on identifying a knock from PI engines
1991-05Fixing 2500TC brakesNigel Parker2500TCBrakesFixing rear brakes, focusing on the hydraulics
1991-06Low speed improvements for late model PI'sAnon.All with PI enginesPI EnginesA minor modification to improve low speed running of late model PI engines
1991-07Converting GT6 engines to Petrol Injection"PI Pete"GT6enginesconversion of GT6 to run PI engines - an overview of what is required
1991-07Care of the Lucas MagnetoAnon.Super 7 ElectricalReprint of an article in "Australian Monthly Motor Manual June 1950
1991-08Triumph 2000Anon.2000Road TestAn extensive Article on the technical specifications and road performance of the Triumph 2000 reprinted from undated" Road and Track"
1991-08Triumph 2000 MDAnon.2000 MDAn extensive Article on the technical specifications and road performance of the Triumph 2000 MD reprinted from undated" Wheels" magazine
1991-08Rear End Sag on 2000/2500 saloonsDoug Tipping2000, 2500Rear SuspensionTips on removing rear end sag
1992-03Data Sheet no 32, Triumph 14,12, and 10.8 H.P.. Anon.Triumph 14,12,10.8 H.P.. modelsEngineTechnical specifications for these early Triumph models
1992-04Improving idling on older PI's"PI Pete"All with PI enginesFuel SystemA simple temporary fix for poorly idling early model PI's
1992-07The 948 HeraldAnon.HeraldRoad TestA reprint of an extensive "Wheels magazine" article on the 948 Herald
1993-05The Italian JobsGeorge Stephen2000 and 2.5 PIRoad TestReprint of a June 1970 "wheels" article on the release of the 2000 and 2500PI models
1993-06Michelin and BibendumRay NilssonAllTyresReprint of a promotional article on the history and development of Michelin Tyres
1993-06Question on brake squealingAnon.2500BrakesQ & A on brake squealing on the 2500 model
1993-07London to Sydney by TriumphBob RickettsAll SaloonsRoad TestAn article on the preparation, the experiences and the results of running Triumphs in the 1993 London to Sydney Marathon
1993-09Twin Carb Herald "51" is a TriumphGeorge StephenHeraldRoad TestReprint of a December 1960 article in the "Australian Motor Manual"
1993-11Lead and Triumphs - a SummaryBrian TinkAllFuel SystemAn Article on Questions and answers regarding the issues related to running Triumphs on unleaded Fuel.
1993-12Untitled article on the rear suspensionAnon.HeraldRear SuspensionStrengthening the swing axle on the Herald
1993-12Suspension Tuning ( Fact and Fiction)Peter StoneAllSuspensionDescription of suspension terminology and problems that can arise with each component, as well as simple adjustments that can be made.
1994-07Conversion of spitfire gearbox using Marina GearboxLouis BezuidenhoutSpitfireGearboxAn article reprinted form the Pretoria Triumph Sports Car Club NB. It is written in Dutch language
1994-08Herald 1200Anon.Herald 1200Road TestsA detailed technical article with an summary covering all aspects of the Herald 1200 reprinted from an undated "Autocar" article
1994-08Herald Restoration Chapter1Anon.HeraldRestorationA detailed article on restoration of a Triumph Herald
1994-09Herald Restoration Chapter2Anon.HeraldRestorationA detailed article on restoration of a Triumph Herald
1995-01Building a Triumph HerculesPeter StoneHeraldEngineHow to modify the Herald for better performance
1995-01Building a Triumph HerculesPeter StoneHeraldRestorationModifying a Herald motor to give a considerable boost in power and performance
1995-02Dolomite Sprint SpecialColin JenkinsDolomite SprintRoad TestHistory specifications and comprehensive road test of the Triumph Sprint Special
1995-03Broken Flange in Quill shaftJohn SeeleyAll SaloonsDifferentialHow to replace a broken quill shaft/differential mounting
1995-03Technical review of Dolomite Sprint Special 11Richard CarafellaDolomite Sprint Workshop diagnosticsFeature article on problems too watch for with Sprints and how to overcome them
1995-03Dolomite Sprint Special IIRichard CarafellaDolomite SprintRoad TestHistory specifications and comprehensive road test of the Triumph Sprint Special
1995-03Replacing a Broken Flange on the Quill Shaft/Differential MountingJohn SeeleyAllRear SuspensionHow to remove and replace a broken flange in the quill shaft/differential mounting
1995-04Panel StressRoger McCowanAllBodyA view of comparative panel strengths of cars of the era and the safety impact
1995-05Conditioning pre 1986 cars to run on unleaded petrolAnon.AllFuel SystemOverview on the problems with using unleaded petrol
1995-06Renewing Crankshaft oil sealJohn SeeleyTR7EngineHow to modify rear crankshaft oil seals to stop leaks
1995-06replacing the crankshaft oil seal on a TR7John SeeleyTR7EngineA short article on replacing the crankshaft oil seal on a TR7
1995-06Too Much SparkJohn StoneAllElectricalCars with Capacitive Discharge Ignition sometimes have problems of miss under load. An article on a remedy.
1995-07Coffee Break BrakesPeter StoneHeraldBrakesTips on Bleeding brakes on early Heralds
1995-08Perils of Unleaded PerilJohn HerbertAllFuel SystemA detailed article on the problems of using unleaded petrol
1995-08Dolomite Sprint Special IIIAndrew McCallumDolomite SprintRoad TestHistory specifications and comprehensive road test of the Triumph Sprint Special
1995-09Sticky SynchrosPeter StoneAllGearboxHow to overcome synchro problems
1995-10Rear Spring top caps - The definitive StorySteve GraceDolomite SprintSuspensionReview of different caps and the effect on alignment
1996-02Emission Control idling problemsJohn Seeley2500SEngineDecarbonising the EGR to manifold tube to improve idling
1996-05ECO Trans cooling Systems problems and curesadvertorialAllcooling SystemAn article on the EcoTherm System for optimum engine temperature management
1996-05Ecotrans Cooling Systems problems and CuresAnon.AllCooling SystemA detailed promotional article of the Ecotrans Cooling System
1996-06Crash TestingDarren HouseDolomite SprintRoad TestA Detailed Road est. comparison of the Dolomite Sprint and a range of other vehicles
1996-06The Innsbruck SaloonsStafford HallMk 2 SaloonsRoad TestHistory and Technical Specifications of this model
1996-06The Hot UpStuart Hall2000RestorationStuart hall details the modifications made to dramatically increase the performance of his vehicle
1996-07Water Pump ImpellerRoger McCowanAllCooling SystemModifying the water pump impeller to optimise pump efficiency
1996-07Water Pump ImpellerRoger McCowanAll Cooling SystemModifications to the Water Pump to increase coolant flow
1996-08Cooling System UpgradeBob HuttonAllCooling SystemReview of the EcoTherm System
1996-08Cooling System upgradeBob HuttonAllCooling SystemAlternative approach to the Eco Therm System for upgrading a cooling System
1996-09Stag Cooling SystemRoger McCowanStagCooling SystemSteps to improve water flow in stag cooling Systems
1996-09The Stag SegmentKen BakerStagRestorationTackling some interior restoration issues, particularly the wiring
1996-09Restoring ReflectorsStuart HallAllElectricalA quick tip for recolouring lenses
1996-09To Alternator or not to alternator - that is the questionStuart HallAllElectricalA short article on the benefits of alternators over generators
1996-09Stag Cooling SystemRoger McCowanAllCooling SystemA quick tip for bleeding air from the cooling System
1996-102500TC Cooling System updateBob Hutton2500TCCooling SystemSteps to update the cooling System in 2500TC
1996-10Heating System overhaulGraham Hill2000 MK1Heater Steps to overhaul the heater
1996-10Tracing Water leaksStafford HallAllBodyTracing and fixing water leaks into the cabin
1996-10Mk11 Cooling System-updateBob HuttonMk 2 SaloonsCooling SystemMore alternatives for upgrading the cooling System on these vehicles
1996-10Water LeaksStuart HallAllInteriorRemedies for water leaks into the cabin
1996-10Water LeaksRoger McCowanAllInteriorAn Update on remedies for water leaks into the interior
1996-10Fine Tuning a PIRoger McCowanAll with PI EnginesEngineTips for tuning a Triumph with petrol injection
1996-12Improving idling on Saloons with EGR fittedJohn SeeleyAll SaloonsFuel SystemCleaning the intake manifolds to improve idling on EGR fitted saloons
1997-02Car Trim MaintenanceDavid HoughAllTrimMaintenance tips for all trim, tyres and Carpets
1997-02The Dolomite StoryStafford HallDolomiteSpecificationsDescription and History of 1300, 1500 and 1850 Dolomites
1997-02Maintenance of FabricsDavid HoughAllInteriorA summary of presentation by Top Cat Upholstery on the appropriate ways to protect interior fittings and finishes
1997-02The Dolomite StoryStafford HallDolomiteRoad TestHistory of the development of the 1970's Dolomite
1997-05Checking Wipers operationAnon.AllWipersTips for checking wiper operation, from British Auto Care
1997-05Stag hot Start Problems - possible remediesKen BakerStagFuel SystemOvercoming Hot start problems linked to the Carburettors
1997-05Stag Tuning Part 1Mayo and HollidayStagEngineTips for tuning a Stag
1997-05Be a Triumph 4 cylinder expertTerry BurnsHerald, SpitfireEngineUnderstanding, improving/upgrading 4 cylinder Herald/Spitfire engines
1997-05The Stag Segment - the Stromberg BluesKen BakerStagFuel SystemMaintenance of the Stromberg carburettors in the Stag
1997-05Be a Triumph 4 cylinder expertTerry BurnsAll 4 cylinderEngineA reprint from "Practical Classics and car restorer" September 1995. An overview of the structural strengths and weaknesses of 4 cylinder engines
1997-06Car hard to Start?Stafford HallAllEngineShort check list for hard to start cars
1997-06Stag Tuning, part 2Mayo and HollidayStagEngineTips for tuning a Stag
1997-06Tuning and improving the Stag ignition SystemWilliam MayoStagElectricalA reprint of Issue 38 of "The Vintage Triumph Magazine" ( Walter Holliday and William Mayo
1997-07Silicon Brake FluidStafford HallAllBrakesA review of Glycol based vs. Silicon based brake fluids
1997-08Restoring Stag alloy wheelsRoger McCowanStagWheelsStripping, refinishing and painting alloy wheels
1997-10Two of a kind Austin A40 vs. Triumph HeraldJulie ClarkeheraldRoad TestsComparison road test reprinted from "Australian Motor Manual" Nov 1959
1997-10Silicon Brake FluidGeorge StephenAllBrakesResponse to Article 1997-07
1997-11Unleaded unveiledPaul DennistonAllFuel SystemReprinted from " Tread" September 1997
1997-11"Oils ain't oils"Graham HillAllEngineWhat to use in your gearbox
1997-11Instrumentation tipsAnon.AllElectricalTips for curing intermittent faults
1998-01Keep it cleanAnon.AllPaintTips for correct washing, polishing of paintwork reprinted from "The M motor manual" Nov 1959
1998-01Instrumentation tipsAnon.AllElectricalIdentifying and fixing instrument lighting problems
1998-02TR7- Worth the wait?Fay SeeleyTR7Road TestsReprinted from "On four wheels" & June 1978
1998-02Adding Hazard Warning LightsBob RitchieMk 2 SaloonsElectricalA DIY Guide to adding hazard warning lights
1998-04Stag Engine Problemsanon.StagEngineReprinted from "herald Sun, 31 Jan 1997
1998-04Stag Alternator problemsStafford HallStagEngineDiagnosing engine rattles - check alternator.
1998-06wheel bearing maintenancePeter VicunicAllSuspensionCorrect adjustment and maintenance of bearings is essential
1998-08Lab test of Fuel Staranon.AllFuel SystemReprinted from 1997 issue of "directions"
1998-09Draft Code of Conductanon.AllNon-TechnicalDraft prepared in collaboration with FB/EK Club
1998-10Anniversary carsRoger McCowanGloria, 2000 Roadster,Vitesse,GT6,2.5PISpecificationsSpecifications for selected cars
1998-10Curing Clutch ProblemsJohn McMasterAllClutchTips for identifying Clutch problems and overhauling.
1998-11Wiring InsulationBob RitchieAllElectricalTips for protection of wiring in distributor
1998-11Using a Triumph in severe winter conditionsPerolov Thornqvist2.5PI sedanEngine, bodyworkTips when using the car in temperatures around -13 degrees.
1998-11Vacuum operated run on valveBob Hutton2500TCFuel SystemCuring problems with oil/brake lights and anti-run on valve
1999-01Road test - StagGeorge StephenStagRoad TestsGeorge reports on Ray and Jan Cook's BRG Stag
1999-01Vacuum Operated anti-run on valveBob Hutton2500TCEngineAn upgrade for the 2500TC three contact oil pressure switch
1999-02Conversion to manual GearboxBob Hutton2500TCGearboxReplacement of BW35 Gearbox with manual Box
1999-02Impact of removing lead based Fuels from the marketMalcolm McKayAllFuel SystemQ&A notes on all aspects of the transition to lead free Fuels
1999-02Overheating, Take 2Brian TinkAllCooling SystemTips for achieving a trouble-free cooling System
1999-02PI Fuel temperatureBob RitchieAll with PI enginesFuel SystemAvoiding Fuel vaporisation problems in Petrol Injection engines
1999-02Replacement of manual fan with an upgraded Thermo fanBob Hutton2500TCCooling SystemTips to improve the 2500TC Cooling System
1999-03Revising a 2500TCBob Hutton2500TCModifications and upgradesTips to improving the rear suspension and the Fuel System in a 2500TC
1999-03Spark TimingAnon.AllIgnitionFactors which influence Engine Knock - spark timing ( "motor manual" Nov.1959)
1999-04Trace the history of your Triumph in VictoriaAnon.AllNon-TechnicalAOMC overview of the procedure for tracing the history of Triumphs in Victoria
1999-04Triumph and the Italian ConnectionStafford HallPost 1959 modelsNon-TechnicalA summary of Michelotti's contribution to the design of post 1959 Triumphs
1999-07Cool ItBill ParkerAllCooling SystemMyths and Truisms related to Triumph Cooling Systems
1999-07Engine conversion for ULP, and ULP and the older carAOMCAllFuel SystemUnleaded Conversion - Frequently Asked Questions
1999-07Hot About "Trumpy" (overheating Triumph)Chris Newell2500TCCooling SystemChris describes problems cooling his TC2500 and seeks remedies
1999-07Tyre Specification CodeAnon.AllTyresUnderstanding the standard Tyre Specification Codes
1999-07What is good petrol?Louis MantellAllFuel SystemThere are two methods of Dampening Detonation- both require discretion to be really variable
1999-09Cooling System ThermostatsBritish Auto Car website... bac.com.auDolomite, Dolomite Sprint, StagCooling SystemGuide to selection of correct thermostats
1999-09Engine Mounting Packing PiecesBritish Auto Car website... bac.com.au2000, 2500EngineSafety tip on engine mountings
1999-09Steering Rack U-Bolts-Manual Steering.British Auto Car website... bac.com.auDolomite Sprint, 2500, TR6SteeringSafety tip on Steering rack clamp bolts
1999-09The harmful Effects of detonation and Pre-ignitionNigel TaitAllEngineThe reasons for, and the dangers, of severe detonation and pre-ignition
1999-10"I can't get my Stag to run hot enough!"Anon.StagCooling SystemTips for ensuring that your Stag, and any six cylinder Triumph, runs at the correct temperature
1999-11A-Type overdrive maintenanceGreg BlackAllGearboxChecking and adjustment of the solenoid in A-Type overdrives
1999-11Unleaded and the Lucas PI SystemAnon.All with PI enginesFuel SystemBrief article reprinted from 9/99 issue of "Triumph World"
1999-11How to prepare your car for ConcourseGeorge StephenAllRestorationGuidelines to the items to focus on when preparing your for concourse events
1999-12A guide to lead free FuelJohn DymondAllFuel SystemImpact of lead free Fuel on Valve seat recession
2000-02Three Triumph prototypes from the 50's and 60'sAnon.Marque HistoryNon- technicalReprinted from "The Daily Telegraph" 4/12/99
2000-02TR3A road testGeorge StephenTR3ARoad TestsGeorge Stephen drives John and Kate Schutte's newly restored TR3A
2000-03Automotive Lubrication 101Bob HuttonAllEngineA light-hearted overview of the correct procedure for changing engine oil
2000-03The Art of Heel-and-Toe drivingGeorge StephenAllNon-TechnicalGeorge Stephen's tutorial on the correct technique for heel-and-toe driving
2000-03TR4 road testGeorge StephenTR4ARoad TestsGeorge Stephen drives Sean Hamilton's daily driver TR4
2000-05TR5 Road testGeorge StephenTR5Road TestsGeorge Stephen reports on a drive of John Schutte's TR5
2000-05Using Shell Optimax in TriumphsPeter TimmsAllFuel SystemLetter setting out experiences with Shell Optimax in a Triumph Dolomite Sprint
2000-06Sway barsAndy LindburgAllSuspensionA reprint of an article in Feb 98 issue of Triumphs and Tribulations, on the benefits of fitting sway bars
2000-06TR6 Road testGeorge StephenTR6Road TestsGeorge Stephen reports on a drive of Peter Kavanagh's TR6
2000-07The Rover V8Stafford HallStag,TR8EngineSelection of Rover V8 engine for Triumphs
2000-07TR8 Road testGeorge StephenTR8Road TestsBoth George Stephen and Ian Munro drive Colin Fulton's TR8
2000-08The best tools of all timeAnon.AllWorkshop - DiagnosticsTen items required to fix any car, any place any time. "TRAction" Feb 2000
2000-09Making the Timber Triumph Part 1Roger McCowanAllTrimRefurbishing timber trim, dash panels and door cappings
2000-10Making the Timber Triumph Part 2Roger McCowanAllTrimRefurbishing timber trim, dash panels and door cappings
2000-11Triumph's big saloonsStafford HallMk1, Mk2 Saloons and EstatesNon-TechnicalHistory of the development of the Triumph saloons
2002-03Technical Corner - Response 1, 2 & 3 - Vitesse Overdrive unitJohn SeeleyVitesseTransmission - Overdrive
2003-07TR4A Story Chapter 10David BroughtonTR4ARestorationChapter 1
2003-11Fuel System Service TipsChris NewellAllFuel SystemHelpful tips to maintain the Fuel System in good condition
2003-11TR4A Restoration Part 2David BroughtonTR4ARestorationPart 2 of a series of articles on the restoration of his TR4A
2004-01History of the Mayfloweranon.MayflowerNon-TechnicalFrom Mayflower club website
2004-01Unleaded Fuel TipsChris NewellAllFuel System
2004-03A Hotter Stag? (cooling System investigations)Charles HarrisStagCooling SystemCharles Harris - British Auto Care, QLD
2004-03Roger's Experimental Triumph (2500TC conversion to PI, electronic ignition, eco-therm, auto to manual, LPG installation and more)Roger McCowanAll SaloonsModifications & Upgrades
2004-03TR4A Rebuild - chapter 3 (steering, suspension, differential, bodywork)David BroughtonTR4ASuspension
2004-03Vitesse Restoration - part 2 (chassis, rear suspension)Darryl GloverVitesseChassis
2004-04Safety - Ramps Stands and JacksChris NewellAllRestorationAn article providing an excellent guide to safety procedures in the home workshop when working on your vehicle
2004-04Motor Vehicle body work and paint repairKim CarrollAllBodyworkA "hands on" description of how to repair damaged bodywork - an article for the inexperienced
2004-06TR4A Rebuild - chapter 4 (panels, chrome, engine)David BroughtonTR4ABodywork; Engine
2004-09TR4A Restoration Part 5David BroughtonTR4ARestorationPart 5 of a series of articles on the restoration of his TR4A
2004-10Adjusting Your CarburetorsTerry HickeyAllFuel SystemText extracted from earlier articles by Roger Garnet, Ken Streeter, Scott Fisher and other contributors
2004-10Cooling System ChecksChris NewellAllCooling System
2004-10Triumph Stag Hood FittingAnon.StagBodywork How to fit a new hood to a Triumph Stag
2004-11A Few Facts About Rolls-RoyceChris NewellMarque HistoryNon-Technical
2004-11Electronic Trumpet - how to print the electronic version of the TCCV Magazine Chris NewellAllNon-Technical
2004-11Technical Section - Soldering Jeff Marshall and Lindsay GibsonAllWorkshop - Soldering
2004-11The Hard Bolt Man - Fact or Fiction? (Churchill Tools)Terry HickeyAllWorkshop - Tools
2004-11TR4A Rebuild - chapter 6 (bodywork, engine, gearbox, wiring)David BroughtonTR4ABodywork; Engine; Gearbox
2004-11Trim fitting tool for the door glass outer weather strip; magnetic sump plugsColin LindsayAllWorkshop - Tools
2005-01SU Fuel PumpsRoger GarnettStag; PI modelsFuel SystemIncludes fitting of a Zener Diode
2005-01Vibration DiagnosisSteve GarrettAllDriveline
2005-01Winter Wrap's [preparing your car for winter storage]Joe LynchAllEngine; Bodywork
2005-02SU Fuel Pump Fault FindingRick AstleyAllFuel SystemA reprint of an article written by Rick Astley from the MG Car Club
2005-03TR4A Restoration Part 7David BroughtonTR4ARestorationPart 7 of a series of articles on the restoration of his TR4A
2005-04T6 - Silicone Valve Cover GasketsAnon.2000, 2500EngineInformation article, possibly extracted from press release
2005-04The Passing of Lead Replacement Fuel; Modern PetrolMike AllfreyAllFuel SystemTwo articles by M Allfrey - editor of ABCCC News
2005-04Transistorise Your SU Fuel PumpDavid DuboisStagFuel SystemOriginally published on MG Car Club of Queensland web site
2005-04Use of a Timing (Strobe) Light to Analyse a Mechanical ProblemChris NewellAllWorkshop - Diagnostics
2005-04Modern Petrol Mike AllfreyAllFuel SystemThis does not apply to SU/Stromberg carburettors. A tip to overcome hard starting/poor running after the car had been stored.
2005-05New Triumphs [1931 models]John SeeleyMarque HistoryNon-Technical
2005-05Siegfried Bettmann Part 2Bill CawthornMarque HistoryNon-Technical
2005-05The Estate [the British Estate Car]Syd GallagherMarque HistoryNon-Technical
2005-05The Standard Motor CompanyAnon.Marque HistoryNon-Technical
2005-05Triumph PI Notes.. What No One Told You About PIPeter TrumanAll with PI EnginesEngineA list of problems associated with 6 cylinder Petrol Injection models;
2005-05The Passing of Lead Replacement PetrolMike AllfreyAllFuel SystemA reprint of an article from ABCCC News
2005-05Triumph Gearbox DataPeter TrumanHerald, Spitfire,GT6 Dolomite SprintGearboxA data table from an unreferenced source detailing range of data for the gearboxes for these vehicles
2005-06More about valve seat recessionB John MitchellAllEngineTriumph Valve seat recession and unleaded Fuel
2005-06Pre Trip or Safety InspectionMark LenkoAllRoad testHandy check list for preparation your Triumph prior to a trip
2005-06No L.R.P. be carefulAnon.AllFuel SystemReprinted from the February 2005 issue of RACV " Royal Auto" Text and a chart to set out which modern Fuel should be used for classic cars of various ages
2005-07Cavitation and water pump testChris NewellAllCooling SystemAn article from the web found by the Editor, which describes how to set up a water pump efficiency test
2005-07Clutch troubleshootingChris NewellAllClutchReproduced from "Brake and Front End" magazine. A list of symptoms, possible causes and DIY how to fix suggestions
2005-07Temperature Gauge calibrationChris NewellAllCooling SystemAn article found on the internet by Peter Truman and forwarded to the editor for "Trumpet" How to test the accuracy of a temperature gauge.
2005-07TR4A Story Chapter 8David BroughtonTR4ARestorationChapter eight
2005-08Technical Session - Compression TestKelby SteeleAllEngineHow to carry out a compression test to check the state of various aspects of the condition of your engine
2005-09TR4A Story Chapter 9David BroughtonTR4ARestorationChapter nine
2005-09From Auto to Manual Part 1Terry HickeyStagGearboxPart One of the article on how to convert your auto Stag to manual transmission
2005-10Hazard Warning LightsChris NewellAllElectricalHow to install hazard warning lights in your Triumph
2005-10From Auto to Manual Part 2Terry HickeyStagGearboxPart Two of the article on how to convert your auto Stag to manual transmission
2006-01Using a vacuum gaugeAtwell HaynesAllEngineSent in by Peter Truman, this short article shows how to use a vacuum gauge to trouble shoot your engine
2006-01From Auto to Manual Part 3Terry HickeyStagGearboxPart three of the article on how to convert your auto Stag to manual transmission
2006-01Triumph Dolomite Spark Plug TubesGreg BlackDolomite SprintIgnitionMaking new spark plug tubes to improve reliability
2006-01TR4A Story Chapter 10David BroughtonTR4ARestorationChapter 10
2006-024X4 stagsTony DronStagroad testThe history of the development of the prototype four wheel drive stag
2006-03The Real Story - conventional Vs silicone brake fluidPeter TrumanAllBrakesSent in by Peter Truman, this article from Moss Motors is a comprehensive comparison of the two types of brake fluid and recommendations for your Triumph
2006-03Energy Cooling and EfficiencyRoger McCowanAllCooling SystemA comprehensive article on the technical issues to consider when searching for increased efficiency in your cooling System
2006-04Preparing for WinterAnon.AllEngineTips for preparing the car prior to winter driving
2006-04Handy HintsHugh McAleerAllNon-technicalHandy maintenance for the Triumph enthusiast from the Triumph Sport Six Club " Courier" (date unknown)
2006-04Triumph TR4A RestorationDavid BroughtonTR4ARestorationParts 11 and 12 of the restoration report: Wiring and gauges
2006-04Triumph Bolts nuts and washersTerry HickeyAllAccessoriesTriumph uses a series of part numbers which defines the specification of a particular nut/bolt/washer. (Courtesy John Kipping Spares)
2006-05Overdrive oil recommendationsAnon.AllOverdrive unitResults of bench Tests on various oils in an overdrive unit
2006-05More Things ElectricalPaul MooreAllElectricalHow to use relays to protect ageing wiring
2006-06It's a gas,gas,gasRoger McCowan2500SEngineAn overview of how Roger's car was converted to gas PART 1
2006-06Headlight Relay InstallationPaul MooreAllElectricalHow to install relays in the headlight circuit
2006-07It's a gas,gas,gasRoger McCowan2500SEngineAn overview of how Roger's car was converted to gas PART 11
2006-07Diagnosing faulty gaugesTerry HickeyAllElectricalidentifying and perhaps fixing temperature and Fuel level gauges
2006-07Setting up SU and Stromberg carburettorsPaul MooreAllFuel SystemHow to install and correctly set the carburettors in Triumphs
2006-08TR4A Restoration Part 13David BroughtonTR4ARestorationPart 13 of a series of articles on the restoration of his TR4A
2006-09TR6 Import ConversionChris SallmannTR6RestorationOverview of the conversion of Chris Sallmann's TR6 to RHD Part 1
2006-10TR6 Import ConversionChris SallmannTR6RestorationOverview of the conversion of Chris's TR6 to RHD Part 2
2006-10Triumph TR4A Restoration Chapter 14David BroughtonTR4ARestorationPart 14 of the restoration report : starting the trim
2006-11Driveshaft joint replacementW M DaviesHerald, Spitfire/GT6DrivelineHow to replace the driveshaft Universal joints in Herald based drivelines
2007-02Radioactive spark plugsPeter TrumanAllElectricalShort history of the use of radioactive material in Spark Plugs
2007-02Stag Cooling SystemRowlings, SteveStagCooling SystemTips and upgrades for optimum performance
2007-02PI Engine Breathing Tony O'ConnorAll with PI EnginesEngineTip for overcoming excess sump pressure and resultant oil leaks
2007-02TR4A RestorationDavid BroughtonTR4ARestorationPart 15 of a series of articles on the restoration of his TR4A
2007-03TR4A RestorationDavid BroughtonTR4ARestorationPart 16 of a series of articles on the restoration of his TR4A
2007-03Is oil killing our engines?Keith AnsellAllEngineChoosing the right oil for engine lubrication
2007-03Inbuilt Burglar AlarmGraeme OxleyAll with PI EnginesNon-TechnicalA cheap method of deterring would-be car thieves of PI vehicles
2007-03Improved Rear suspensionGraeme OxleyTR4A,TR5,TR6Rear AxlesSuggested upgrade to strengthen rear suspension and remove rear end "twitching" under load
2007-04Gearbox CapersTerry HickeyTR4AGearboxDetailing the overhaul of a TR4 Gearbox
2007-04All Change for overdriveAnon.All with O'DNon-TechnicalThe correct method of engaging and disengaging overdrive to minimise wear
2007-04TR4A RestorationDavid BroughtonTR4ARestorationPart 17 of a series of articles on the restoration of his TR4A
2007-05Decoding tyre informationAnon.AlltyresExplanation of tyre wall codes
2007-05Bringing that old car back to lifeTerry HickeyAllRestorationHow to resurrect a car that has been stored for 15 years
2008-01Hot Air Intake-Gas ConversionRoger McCowan2500SEngineTechnical advice re the hot air intake for LPG cars
2008-02Modern Fuels and old carsFraser FaithfullAllFuel SystemMobil 8000 and Caltex 98 are recommended
2008-04Front Shock Absorber replacement on Stag/SaloonsNick SkinnerStag/SaloonsSuspensionSummary of talk given my Nick Skinner at the April 2008 GM
2008-04Stag Dash/Console refurbishment Pt 1Chris NewellStagInteriorStep by step description of work done on dashboard refurbishment
2008-04Lucas Cable identification and coloursAnon.AllElectricalDescription of colour codes for all wiring
2008-05Stag Dash/Console refurbishment Pt 2Chris NewellStagInteriorStep by step description of work done on dashboard refurbishment
2008-05Curing the dreaded Triumph 6 cylinder engine run-onPeter Truman2000, 2500EngineModifications to cure engine run on
2008-05TR Bonnet Release problemsTerry RocheTR4,TR4A,TR5,TR6BodyInstalling a second bonnet release cable
2008-06Stag Dash/Console refurbishment Pt 3Chris NewellStagInteriorStep by step description of work done on dashboard refurbishment
2008-06World Wide Web of Triumph KnowledgePeter TrumanAllWorkshop/diagnosticsSelection of handy hints obtained from Web Sources
2008-06Optio-Electronic IgnitionRoger McCowan2000, 2500ElectricalHow to fit electronic ignition, and the pitfalls to avoid part 1
2008-07Optio-Electronic IgnitionRoger McCowan2000, 2500ElectricalHow to fit electronic ignition, and the pitfalls to avoid part 2
2008-07LRP Fuels for older carsGarry Whitefield AllFuel SystemSummary of talk by G Whitefield from BP re Fuels for older cars
2008-08Hot engine for a cool stagJim OstergaardStagCooling SystemA modification to ensure proper warm up and temperature in a Stag
2008-10Fitting a new rear suspension arm to a saloonFraser Faithfull2000, 2500SuspensionAfter discovering an elongated shock absorber mounting hole, a new suspension was required
2008-11Curing brake squealShaun WilsonAllBrakesHow to eliminate disc brake squeal
2009-01installation of EFI into a 1969 2.5PI sedanPaul Godfrey2.5PI sedanFuel SystemStep by step guide to fitting EFI into Paul Godfrey's car
2009-01Cubby Box JourneysSyd GallagherMk 2 SaloonsInterior TrimRestoring the cubby box in a Mk 2 sedan
2009-02Catalytic ConvertersRoger McCowanAllEnginesCatalytic Converters - should Triumphs have them?
2009-03Putting the pedal to the metalJohn Seeley2500SClutchOvercoming Clutch problems
2009-03Difficult gear engagementAnon.6 Cyl saloons, tr6, stagClutchGirlock service bulletin June 1978, reproduced
2009-03Stag Cooling - lettersGreg TunstallStagCooling Systemfollow up comments on article" Hot engine for cool stag" August 2008
2009-04Overview of Lucas PI SystemFraser FaithfullAll with PI enginesFuel SystemNotes taken from Talk by Louis Binios, Ken Airs Injection P/L March 2009
2009-04Lucas PI System Part 1Nigel ClarkAll with PI EnginesFuel SystemArticle by Nigel Clark GM of Triumph Sport Six Club UK, in "Courier" March 2009 Fuel Injection System pump and lines
2009-04Buying a Triumph Spitfire Part 1Alan AndrewsSpitfireBuying GuideOverview of Triumph Models and engine choices
2009-05Lucas PI System Part 2Nigel ClarkAll with PI EnginesFuel SystemArticle by Nigel Clark GM of Triumph Sport Six Club UK, in "Courier" March 2009 Fuel Injection System Metering unit
2009-05Buying a Triumph Spitfire Part 2Alan AndrewsSpitfireBuying GuideReview of Major Components
2009-05Removing shock absorbers on a Triumph heraldAlan AndrewsSpitfireSuspensionStep by step guide based on Tech. day in April 2009
2009-06Buying a Triumph Spitfire Part 3Alan AndrewsSpitfireBuying GuideWhat to look for when inspecting a prospective purchase
2009-08What to do with Triumph alloy wheelsRoger McCowanAllWheelsTips for refurbishing triumph alloy wheels
2009-10Restoring chrome wire wheelsBrian CampbellAllWheelsTips for refurbishing chrome wire wheels
2009-11Brake light switch deteriorationRoger McCowanAllElectricalrefurbishing a faulty brake light switch
2010-02Repairing windscreen wipersPaul WesslerAllAccessoriesTips for fixing faulty wipers
2010-02Electrical System - IgnitionPaul WesslerAllElectricalSome basic checks for identifying problems with the ignition System
2010-03Rocker Arm lubricationBob RitchieAllEngineAn overview of the lubrication process for rocker shafts and the optional rocker oil feed line
2010-04Fitting an electric water pump to a stagJim OstergaardStagCooling SystemA comprehensive article describing a successful installation of an upgraded cooling System to a Stag
2010-04Triumph MayflowerAnon.MayflowerRoad TestAn article detailing the history, technical specifications and drivability of the Triumph Mayflower
2010-04Air FiltrationChris NewellAllEngineThis article focuses on the newer types of filter materials compared to the older types, and the applications for some Triumphs
2010-04Stag interior light switch wiringTerry HickeyStagElectricalA description of the wiring to the interior light to the Stag interior light switch
2010-05Sparks Overloads and alternatorsPeter TrumanAllElectricalUpgrading the alternator and associated wiring to cope with total loads on the electrical System
2010-05Brake FluidKenneth StreeterAllBrakesA comparison of the different types of brake fluid and their suitability for Triumph vehicles, courtesy of the Vintage Triumph Register
2010-08Raising the roofAndrew TrnacekStagBodyRaising the roof quickly on a Triumph Stag
2010-09Standrive TransmissionsPeter TrumanStandardGearboxHistorical Article about the standard drive transmissions of the early 1950's developed for some early standard models
2010-09TR6 Headlight circuitTerry GeigerTR6ElectricalThe article identifies the vulnerable pints of the headlight circuit and suggests remedies, including the installation of relays.
2010-10Wheel alignmentAndy AnsellAllSuspensionA table , drawn from original AMI data sheets, of all of the wheel alignment settings for most Triumph models
2010-11Gas Line compression fittingsScott SuhringTR3, TR4Fuel SystemSent in by Terry Hickey, this article tells how to achieve good seals with new fittings as the old fittings are no longer available.
2010-11The history and demise of leaded petrolChris NewellAllFuel SystemAn abbreviated history of the change
2010-11Trailer wiring diagram codesGraeme OxleyAllElectricalColour chart for 7, 5, and 6 pin connections
2011-01Pinging or "Pinking"Anon.AllEngineAn overview of what causes potentially damaging pinging and how to prevent it.
2011-01My Cool StagNeil CarlileStagAir ConditioningInstalling air conditioning in a Stag
2011-01Spitfire front springsAndy AnsellSpitfireSuspensionA table listing the correct springs for the spitfire together with available variations
2011-02Possible faulty distributor arm assemblyChris SallmannTR6ElectricalPossible issues with the quality of rotor arms ( buttons)
2011-02Club Permit UpdateSyd GallagherAllClub PermitDefinitive guidelines for obtaining and retaining club permits
2011-02Standard Motor CarsNick LarkinMarque HistoryRoad TestAn article on the history and development of the Standard Motor car, including specifications
2011-03Triumph Dolomite Spark Plug TubesGreg BlackDolomite SprintElectricalHow to make more effective spark plug tubes for Dolomite Sprints
2011-04Improvised visibilityGraeme Oxley2000/2500/VitesseElectricalUpgraded headlights on sale for Triumphs with four headlight Systems
2011-04Stripped spark plug hole threadJim OstergaardAllElectricalHow to fix a stripped spark plug hole thread, particularly in aluminium heads eg Stag, using a readily available kit
2011-04Triumph Dolomite Spark Plug TubesPeter TrumanDolomite SprintElectricalAn update on the article on the same subject in the March 2011 issue
2011-04 Wheel Alignment checkTerry HickeyAllSuspensionA quick way to check your wheel alignment
2011-05History of Triumph six cylinder engineDavid PriceMarque HistoryEngineA summary history of the development of the Triumph six cylinder engine, found on the internet by David Price
2011-07Solving Stag Fuel pump problemsGraeme OxleyStagFuel SystemUn updated Fuel pump replacement for the original unit, and tips for installation
2011-08Using hand tools spanners & and socketsJulian EdgarAllWorkshop/diagnosticsChoosing the correct hand tool for the job. A few tips Part 1: Sockets
2011-10Make sure your oil catch tank catches oilTerry Roche/Peter TrumanAllEngineCheap oil catch tanks can be made more effective very cheaply by incorporating a filter medium. A note on how to do it
2011-11Installation of a PI Fuel Pressure gaugeTerry RochePI vehiclesFuelAn accurate way of measuring Fuel pressure by installing a gauge
2011-11Catch Can drawing revisedPeter TrumanAllEngineThe drawing of the catch can in the October "Trumpet" was corrupted by the computer program. The accurate drawing appears in this issue.
2012-02PI Choke cable replacementTerry RocheAll Petrol InjectionFuel SystemHow to rep[lace and correctly adjust a new choke cable in Petrol Injected engines
2012-02Fuel Test Cycles explainedMichelle GrotaersAllRoad testThe article explains the methodology used in developing the claimed Fuel efficiency of new vehicles and how real life driving experiences will differ .
2012-04Disc Brake conversion - TR6 rear brakes Part 1Ray PepperTR6BrakesPart 1 of an article from the internet sourced by Ray pepper, describes how to convert rear drum brakes to disc braked on a TR6 relatively simply.
2012-04Truman's Mark 11 - Vitesse minor modificationsPeter TrumanVitesseRestorationPeter Truman describes upgrades to the brakes and the alternator on his Vitesse mark 11
2012-05Disc Brake conversion - TR6 rear brakes Part2Ray PepperTR6BrakesPart 2 of an article from the internet sourced by Ray pepper, describes how to convert rear drum brakes to disc braked on a TR6 relatively simply.
2012-06Tips on pumping petrol maximising your fill Fuel Tim WorrallTR6Fuel Explanation of the effects on Ethanol ifn Fuel
2012-06New technology-alternative engnesAnon.AllEngineInteresting article on an alternative engine design
2012-07When is a Triumph not a TriumphPeter TrumanAllNon-technicalArticle on the recent acquisition of the Triumph Brand name by BMW
2012-08Stag right hand head cooling mod.Graeme OxleyStagCooling SystemA modification to the right hand head to improve the cooling of the stag engine
2012-08The stags secret spoilerGraeme OxleyStagCooling SystemA modification to tye bodywork to improve the cooling of the Stag engine
2012-10Constant Velocity Joint Mods for a TR6Terry RocheTR6Rear AxlesNotes on the replacement of the Triumph rear drive shafts with upgraded shafts incorporating constant velocity joints and stronger hubs
2012-11Engine crankshaft harmonic balancerPeter TrumanAllEngineArticle on the science and construction of harmonic balancer's in engines, courtesy Harmonic Damper Rebuild Ltd UK.
2012-11Triumph StaggerationsNick SkinnerStagElectricalNick Skinner describes how nail polish was used to seal a crack in the distributor cap and allow his car to be driven home from Bairnsdale after breaking down
2013-02Stagette Water pump conversionGraeme OxleyStagCooling SystemConversion to a cooling System based on a Davies Craig electric water pump, thermostatically controlled
2013-05Reconditioning Stag alloy wheelsGreg OatesStagWheelsA comprehensive step by step process towards reconditioning the appearance of Stag GKN alloy wheels
2013-07Ethanol Fuels and its effect on hosesAnon.AllFuel SystemArticle taken from a UK Classic Car Message Board highlighting the benefits and limitations of various types of Fuel hose materials when exposed to ethanol based Fuels.
2013-09Glove Box LightingRoger McCowanAllElectricalInstalling a glove box light in models without them April 1988 article reproduced
2013-09Spitfire engine rebuildJoel WrethamSpitfireEngineYou tube article on a step by step engine rebuild
2013-09Fuel System cleanerLuke WrethamAllFuel SystemBG 44K – Fuel System Cleaner is reported to clean combustion deposits, injectors etc. Check the site http://www.bgprod.com/products/Fuelair.html
2013-09Checking speedo accuracyTim WorrallAllRoad TestChecking speedo and travel time accuracy using GPS
2013-09Gearbox additivesLuke WrethamAllGearboxNulon additive for manual gearboxes see http://www.nulon.com.au/products/Specialty_Products/ Manual_Gearbox_and_Diff_Treatment/
2013-09Curing dim dashboard lightsLuke WrethamAllElectricalCuring dim dashboard lights see http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/rupertstag/index1.html
2013-10Tappet Adjustment OHVRoger McCowanAllEngineAdjusting the tappets, taking into account any wear in the rocker from the valve stem
2013-10Stopping Radiator leaksGraeme OxleyAllCooling SystemA product recommended by AOMC
2013-10Technical Session - Compression TestKelby SteeleAllEngineHow to carry out a compression test to check the state of various aspects of the condition of your engine a reprint of an article in Aug 2005 Trumpet
2013-11Fuel Pump OverhaulDavid McLeanTR4Fuel SystemAC Type Fuel pump overhaul. Procedure and tips
2013-11Stub axle failuresGraeme OxleyAllSuspensionA check to ensute that stub axles do not fail and snap in service
2013-11Cleaning windows and mirrorsHelana WrethamAllWindows and glassA handy tip using lemons for cleaning windows and glass
2013-11Removing vinyl and foam from trim partsLuke WrethamAllTrimA handy tip for removing vinyl and foam from the metal trim parts prior to renewing
2013-11Avoiding serious electrical burnsSue BurgessAllElectricalAlways remove watches and metal jewellery from wrists and arms to avoid serious burns from the battery
2014-02TR6 Body AlignmentChris SallmannTR6BodyChris describes the importance of having body repairs to your TR6 carried out by panel repairers with computer aided design data. Contains the name of a recommended repairer with such data.
2014-02Quick Waxing tipAlan AndrewsAllBodyA recommended product for a quick but effective wax treatment for a "wet look" shine
2014-02Tyre recommendationChris SallmannTR6TyresA recommendation for a good performing tyre for the TR6
2014-02Batter ChargingDave McLeanAllElectricalA recommendation for a battery charger to leave on your vehicle when the vehicle is being stored
2014-03Stag Heater repairKenn WoodStagHeatingA comprehernsive guide on how to correctly overhaul a faulty heater in your stag
2014-04Oils aint oilsGraeme OxleyAllEngineAn overview of Penrite offerings on oils for Triumphs
2014-04Upgrades for spitfire gearboxesDerek PickardSpitfireGearboxSuggested modification for a better ratio spread for spitfire gearboxes
2014-04Removing rear halfshaftsLuke WrethamSaloonsDrive shaftsSimple method of removing half shafts
2014-04Avoiding crimped rubber hosesLuke WrethamAllCooling SystemUsing springs for avoiding crimped rubber hoses
2014-04Removing stubborn cylinder headsAnon.AllEngineA simple method for removing stubborn cylinder heads
2014-04Exhaust leak locatorAnon.AllExhaustUsing transmission oil to locate small exhaust leaks
2014-05How to tell the age of car tyresJenny FawbertAllTyresAn article describing the codes used on tyres, which indicate the age of the tyre
2014-05Overhaul of Fuel cut off switchDavid McLeanAll Petrol InjectionElectricalPetrol Injected cars have an inertia switch to cut off the power supply to the pump in the event of an accident. Maintenance tip.
2015-02Stag conversion Strombergs to SU'sBrian Tink ( ACT) StagFuelSuccessful replacement of Stromberg carburettors on Stag with SU carburettors
2015-03Converting a TR7 to race specificationsAndy AnsellTR7Workshop/racingThe story of turning the TR7 into the racing "chockwedge"
2015-04Cleaning the Fuel tank on a TR6Robin ScottTR6FuelTips for cleaning the inside of the TR6 Fuel tank
2015-05Checking your battery electrolyte levelDavid McLeanAllElectricalBattery maintenance tips
2016-05Oil Catch can Use/InstallationChris SallmannAllEngineFitting a catch can
2016-06Engine Oil Pressure Switch FailureGraeme OxleyAllEngineDetect oil pressure switch failure
2016=06Anti-Roll Bar LinksTerry RocheAllSuspensionDifferent length links affect steering. How to fix.
2016-08Brake SystemsAnonAllBrakesSubmitted by Terry Roche. Other magazine article. Brake system.
2016-09Stag Centre Console PanelRoger McCowanStagInteriorAdapting console for modern radios.
2016-09Repairing Tail-light Socketsterry RocheAllElectricalRepairing tail light sockets
2016-10Herald Engine Rebuild Issues. Part 1.Alan AndrewsHeraldEngineProblems encountered installing different style clutch, etc. to Herald 1200 engine.
2016-11Herald Engine Rebuild Issues. Part 2.Alan AndrewsHeraldEngineProblems encountered installing different style clutch, etc. to Herald 1200 engine.
2017-02Stag Automatic ConversionNick SkinnerStagGearboxAutomatic to manual with overdrive gearbox conversion.
2017-03Stag Weber Carby ConversionGraeme OxleyStagEngineReplacing Stag carburettors with Webers.
2017-07Road Tyre LifeChris SallmannAllTyresAbout tyre life.
2017-08Engine Oils and StandradsAlan AndrewsAllOilsOils explained
2017-09TR6 Aluminium Fuel Tank and HosesSpiro AguisTR6Fuel SystemBuying an aluminium fuel tank.
2017-09Engine Oils and Standrads - a correctionRoger MakinAllOilsA correction to last month's article of the same name.
2017-11TR Left Hand to Right Hand ConversionChris sallmannTR6BodyChanging a LHD TR6 to RHD.
2018-03Armstrong Shock AbsorbersUK Car ClubAllSuspensionAbout Armstrong shock absorbers. How they work.
2018-03Headlamp UpgradeAnonAllElectricalUpgrade headlamos explained.
2018-07Standard vs High Performance Ignition CoilsTerry RocheAllElectricalA comparison of coils
2018-09SU Carburettor TypesAlan AndrewsAll with SU carburettorsFuel SystemSU carburettoe codes explained.
2018-09Wheel Tuck InvestigatedAlan AndrewsHerald, Spitfires, Vitesse, and derviatives.SuspesionWheel tuck solution examined
2018-09Australian Border force and Old Car ImportsDoug YoungAllImporting old carsImporting old cars - traps.
2018-11Electronic Speedo InstallationIan FoxAllElectricalReplacing mechanical with an electroninc speedmetre
2019-02Clutch HydraulicsFraser FaithfullAllClutchClutch hydraulics
2019-03Power SteeringChris SallmannAllSteeringFitting electric power steering unit
2019-07Car Battery Poles and ConnectorsChris SallmannAllElectricalCheck for faulty battery pole conection.
2019-09Four Wheel AlignamentAlan AndrewsAllSuspensionAbout getting all four wheeels aligned.
2019-10DashboardsChris SallmannAllInteriorPoints to bear in mind when refurbishing a wooden dashboard.
2020-02Stag Head Gasket IssuesGraeme OxleyStagEngineAbout Stag head gaskets.
2020-02Rubber Donut Universal Joints. P11Graeme OxleyAllTransmission - OverdriveNeed to check rubber donut universal joints.
2020-04Stag Voltage RegulatorsBrett RogersStagElectricalReplacing voltage regulator internals with modern equivalents.
2020-05Stag Fuel GaugeHenri Van TriestStagElectricalHow to prevent fuel low level light flashing on/off when the tank is 1/4 full.
2020-06Phoenix HeadsStag Owners Club UKStagEngineA process to recover corroded, damaged or over skimmed Stag cylinder heads.
2020-08Stag Interior LightingRob ElliotStagElecricalStag interior lighting.
2020-09Additional Bonnet Release for StagJohn SmithStagBodyHow to fit an additional bonnet release cable.
2020-10Soft top RefurbishmentGraeme OxleyAll convertiblesBodyRefurbishing a soft-top
2020-11Installation of a PI Fuel Pressure GaugeTerry RochePI TriumphsEngineInstalling a PI fuel pressure gauge
2020-11TR6 Gearbox OverhaulPractical ClassicsTR6GearboxOverhauling a TR6 gearbox.
2021-01Fuels and HosesRoger McCowanAllFuel SystemAbout fuels and hoses
2021-02Centralising Your PDWARoger MakinAllBrakesPressure differential warning actuator for Triumph brakes
2021-03Stag Three Core RadiatorGraeme OxleyStagCooling systemRadiator upgrade
2021-06Carburettor Selection Based on ScienceAlan AndrewsAllFuel SystemMatching carburettor size to engine size.
2021-08Upgrading Axles in a 2500S SedanFraser FaithfullSedan TriumphsSuspensionRemoving spline-axles with Toyota FWD components
2021-08Triumph Inertia SwitchRoger MakinStagEngineRefurbishing the inertia switch.
2021-09Rear Brakes Quick TipDave McLeanStag, SaloonsBrakesAccessing the self adjuster ratchet
2021-09Photographing Your CarFran MadiganAllPhotographsPhotographing your car