Triumph Trading

Placing advertisements of Triumph-related items on this page is offered as a free service
to members of the Triumph Car Club of Victoria Inc.

A modest fee of $10.00 is asked for the placement of advertisements from non-TCCV members.
Details of how the fee may be paid can be found on the "Online Triumph Trading form" link below

To add your items for sale to this page, email Club membership number (if applicable) and sale item details to TCCV Webmaster
Email photographs separately to the same email address.

Items will remain on this page for 3 months or until sold, whichever comes first.
Sellers are asked to advise the Webmaster ASAP when item are sold.

We ask that details of cars for sale include either the vehicle registration number
or the engine number if the vehicle is not registered.

To submit details of any item you wish added to this webpage, you may opt to use the
Online Triumph Trading Form

Adverts for "Cars", "Parts", "Other", "Wanted", "Swap"and "Free" on this webpage are provided as a service for members of the Triumph Car Club of Victoria Inc. (TCCV), guests and visitors to our website. TCCV is not in any way responsible for, and makes no warranty with respect to the pricing, originality, appropriateness, quality, merchantability, serviceability or description of any of the items that may be offered for sale on this site.
This service is provided solely to facilitate contact between Triumph enthusiasts.
The use of this site shall create no liability or responsibility to TCCV, or upon its Office Bearers or Committee Members.
Sellers, PLEASE be warned that spammers may visit this site, making false inquiries about goods for sale.
You are advised NEVER to give your bank details to anyone you do not know during the sale process.

    Triumph Trading Last Modified: 23 May 2020

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Cars For Sale
Expires: 31-07-2020

Expires: 30-06-2020

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Car Parts For Sale
Expires: 31-08-2020

Expires: 31-07-2020

Expires: 30-06-2020

Expires: 31-05-2020

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Other items for sale
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Wanted items
Expires: 31-08-2020
Herald Chrome Pieces

I am after a pair of chrome pieces that cover the bumper profile on the side of any Herald just behind the rear wheels.
All Heralds have identical side chrome pieces. OK if they need re-chromed.
Contact:  Theodore Rau    Email:    Mobile:  0407 518 344   

Left Hand Side Passenger Floor Panel for TR6
I am wanting a left hand side passenger floor panel for my 1971 TR6. Either new or used, but must be rust free if used.
Contact:  Geoff Logie-Smith    Email:    Mobile:  0409 307 081

Expires: 31-07-2020
Front Bumper for 2500S

I am wanting a front bumper for a 2500S.
Contact:  Greg Oates    Email:    Mobile:  0488 598 599   Phone:  02 6056 0434

Rubber Rubbing Strips for Rear Bumper Bar of 2500TC:
I am looking for 1 each R/H and L/H, and 1 Centre rubber rubbing strips for a 2500TC rear bumper.
Contact:  Neil Robinson    Email:    Mobile:  0418 522 716   

Set of Road Wheels for TR6
I am looking for a set of four road wheels for my TR6. Standard 15 inch steel wheels preferred.
Contact:  Clive Jones    Email:    Mobile:  0408 381 614   

Expires: 30-06-2020
Left Hand Side Mirror for 1970 Triumph 2000

I am looking for a left-hand-side mirror for my 1970 Triumph 2000.
Contact:  Lindsay Crawford    Email:

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Items to swap
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Free items
Expires: 31-07-2020
Triumph Super 7 or 8 Engine

This old engine is believed to belong to the iconic Triumph Super 7 or 8.
It was used to power a stationary home generating set until it seized in about 1970, and has been in our shed ever since.
It may be of use to someone. It is completely intact and still has carburettor and generator attached.
Engine is in Walhalla. Now free to a good home.
Contact:  Robert Ashworth
Mobile:  0490 344 667    Email:

Expires: 31-05-2020
2500 Parts

I have a Pair of Rear Trailing Arms remaining to suit 2500.
Contact:  Neil Robinson

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