All perpetual awards are presented at the Annual General Meeting in August

Within a couple of years of the TCCV's beginnings, Stan Fisher joined the Club along with both his daughter Jenny and son-in-law Rob, and son Andrew.  Stan was outstanding at providing meticulous assistance to those desiring to improve their cars, particularly for those preferring to do "home garage" work.

After Stan's death, the Club agreed to indtigate a special trophy to be awarded to the member who, by personal/private effort, achieves the greatest improvement  in their car, based on judging at two All Triumph Display and Concours events.

This prved to be unmanageable, particularly when an indidual car is visib;y improved, yet the points scored at the two events do not reflect this.  Therefore, in 2010, the TCCV altered the scheme as follows.

"There will be six designated events throughout the year where cars will be on public display. At these events, one or two members of the public  (or other independent assessor) will give their opinion as to which car is best presented, and also, which car has the best presentated engine bay.  At the end of the Club year, the member whose car achieves the highest aggregate ranking will be presented with the Stan Fisher Trophy.

This scheme encourages members to:

  • Regularly participate in events in their Triumph cars, and
  • Endeavour to maintain their cars in the best possible conditionthroughout the year.

The scheme also acknwledges that many TCCV members use their Triumphs on a regular basis, and are thus unlikely to be of the standard expected for the Concours,  and therefor should not be required to enter into the Concours simply to be eligible for the Stan Fisher Award (noting that some of the members' cars nonetheless have achieved class placings in the annual Concours).

The designated events are:

  • The Combined TCCV/TSOA/TR Register All Triumph day and Concours
  • The RACV Showcase (formerly the British & European Motoring Show)
  • The TCCV New Members' Day
  • The TCCV President's Lunch
  • The Combined TCCV/TCC-ACT Weekend Away
  • The TCCV Christmas Party

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