All perpetual awards are presented at the Annual General Meeting in August

In the TCCV's first decade, production of the Triumph Trumpet was a major exercise requiring a small team of volunteers to assist with its collation amd mailing each month. Every month for many years, Peter and Val Shipley came along to the Editor's place to assist with collation, often bringing a delicious supper to make the task more enjoyable for all volunteers.

Following Peter's death from cancer, the TCCV agreed to instigate a [perpetual trophy which would be awarded to the member who provides the best assistance to the Editor during the year, in the production of the Trumpet.

Since the production of the Trumpet has become more streamlined in recent years, the basis for making the award was altered to the submission of quality articles. This meant that the Clubmanship and Ladies Champion Awards no longer took into consideration preparation of articles for the Trumpet.

Points are awarded on both the amount of original research/work involved in preparing the article, and in its quality at time of submission, according to the following table.

Item DescriptionExcellentGoodAverageFairPoor
Cover Image/Brief Caption3-2-1
Internet Article/Image3-2-1
Internet Joke/Cartoon3-2-1

ExcellentNo work or absolute minimal work (Max 10%) required by the Editor. Item can be used as supplied for publication.
GoodNeeds a little work (10 - 25%) to present the article. Some formatting or laying out by the Editor
AverageNeeds a good bit of work, maybe as much as 50% to presnt the article.
FairNeeds a lot of work (type/OCR/research/decipher/embellish) maybe as much as 75%. May need an illustration or image cleaned up or sourced for publication or to chase the author for permission to use it.
PoorArticle or image supplied (idea is sent in) but needs image/artile to accompany it. Editor needs to research the subject, look for additional material before item can be used.

Excluded are monthly reports or work carried out by members serving in volunteer position.
This applies to:

  • President gets nil points for President's Report
  • Editor gets nil points for the editorial
  • Secretary gets nil points for minutes of meetings, both General and Annual
  • Events Co-ordinator gets nil points for the "Coming Events" information
  • Also nil points are awarded for the standing repports on the last page of the Trumpet

All of the above will still receive points for independent articles and images submitted, and for the quality of said articles. Maximum points for self penned, and minimum points for a straight dump from the internet. If an article has mixed content (internet and self penned) then it falls in the middle. If a member submits an article tha spans several months, then points are given for each instalment.

In the event that no member is awarded more than 40 pointsin one year, the Peter Shipley Trophy will not be presented, thus retaining the original intent of providing outstanding assistance to the editor.

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