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"The Triumph Car Club of Victoria Inc. (TCCV) we see today started in October 1982 obstensibly with the view of forming a Club for Triumph sedans. Advertisements in local newspapers drew more owners of sedans and TRs, the Triumph sports car range, into the fledgling group. The Board of Management was elected at a later meeting held at the Royal Victorian Aero Club in Moorabbin in April 1983 and comprised President: Steve Sealey; Vice President: Brian Campbell; Secretary: Ray Nilsson; Treasurer: John Wardell; Editor: Diana & David Powell; and Committee Person: Glen Mansfield. Full membership fee was set at $20 per annum with a $5 initial joining fee.

The first recorded social event was a "Treasure Hunt Rally" from Doncaster Shopping Centre to an address in Berwick for a BBQ on 5 December 1982. Eight Triumphs participated in the rally and another seven joined them for the BBQ lunch. Around forty people enjoyed the BBQ. Ron Rosanova was thanked for the use of his front garden.

Interestingly, the first car offered for sale in the first edition of the Club magazine was a 1976 Dolomite Sprint in immaculate condition having a modified cooling system, new radial ply tyres, a recent valve grind and new head gasket. Asking price: $4500. We've come a long way since then, but some things never change!

From October 1997 to August 2009, monthly meetings were held in the romantically named Frog Hollow Sports Pavilion in Camberwell. In reality the pavilion was a hall which eventually proved to be too small to accommodate attending members. It did boast an attached kitchen though. The car park couldn't hold all the cars either, so after an exhaustive search for a "near-free" alternative, we moved to a hall at the Koornang Uniting Church in Murrumbeena.

We moved to the Manningham Hotel & Club in 2021. Many arrive early to enjoy a fine dinner before the meeting. The Club invested in equipment to facilitate digital ZOOM attendance for members not able to be there in person. It has proven very popular for country members and those travelling to distant regions. We are still there.

Members come from all points of the compass in metropolitan Melbourne, as well as many country towns and cities throughout Victoria.

As at today, 16th July 2024, we have