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This Melbourne based Club formed in March 1983.
We invite owners and those interested in Triumph cars to join us.

Club Meetings are held at 7.30pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, except December.
Manningham Hotel & Club, 1 Thompsons Road, Bulleen.
The next General Meeting date is Wednesday, 17th July, 7.30pm.

Secretary TCCV:         1 Deck Terrace     Safety Beach     Victoria 3936
Incorporation: A0003427S    

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Wednesday, 21 August 2024

Nomination close dates:
Committee & Proxy : Wednesday, 14 August 2024
Volunteer & Car Captain : Submit BEFORE the start of the AGM
Congratulations: Welcome New Members : June
Alvin Dickins (Stag) Neil Maguinness (Stag)
Number of new members = 2
Regalia For Sale
Commemorative Badge: 100 Years Triumph & 40 years of TCCV
We now have all the badges from the supplier.
Collect from a meeting or $11.90 postage. Additional orders welcome.
The NEW TCCV mugs and NEW TCCV hats and a BADGE make ideal Christmas gifts.
Click the "Regalia For Sale" link above to get the latest prices.
Email Regalia Joe to order or reserve these items:
Click here to read the Economic Value Survey Results
The survey was a study of the benefits to Australia of the Classic Car Movement
Click here to get the July magazine
Click here after 7:00pm on Wednesday, 17 July
to join this month's General Meeting by ZOOM

Fuel and Lubricant Survey

Two Electric Cars Collide in Canada
1955 Triumph at Le Mans 24

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Slick Playground
Keith Brown TR5
Keith Brown TR5 'Car of the Show'
Graeme Johnstone Roadster Pre '63 4-cylinder
Graeme Johnstone: 'Pre 1963 4-cylinder Class'
Colin Jenkins Dolomite Sprint Post '63 4-cylinder Saloon
Colin Jenkins: 'Post 1963 4-cylinder Class'
Stewart Hall Post 63 6-cylinder Saloon
Stewart Hall: 'Post 1963 6-cylinder Class'
Harry Varelas TR3A
Harry Varelas: 'TR2, TR3 and TR3A Class'
Keith Brown TR5
Keith : 'TR4, TR4A and TR5 Class'
Robin Scott TR6
Robin Scott: 'TR6 Class'
George Coulter TR7
George Coulter: 'TR7, TR7V8 and TR8 Class'
Peter Kandasamy Spitfire
Peter Kandasamy: 'Spitfire, GT6 Class'
Will Morrison Stag
Will Morrison: 'Stag Class'
Theodore Rau Herald Convertible
Theodore Rau: 'Herald, Vitesse Class'
13 46 46
(03) 9486 3711
Triumph Spares
(03) 9369 1234
Davies, Craig
(03) 9555 8898
Caulfield Jaguar
(03) 9873 3566
Auto Surplus
(03) 9874 2260
Ringwood Speedometer
(03) 9499 6475
Auto Exhaust Surplies
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Articles on this site may be quoted without permission,
but due acknowledgment is appreciated.
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