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The Australian Stag Register
John Powell, proud Triumph Stag owner and TCCV member, administers this Register of Triumph Stags in Australia.
Membership is open to all Triumph Stag owners in Australia.
Contact John: Mobile: 0438 271 875     Email:

Click to read John's Interview with Shannons About Stag Survival

For Members
To update the details of your Triumph Stag:
To Register Your Triumph Stag
To have your Triumph Stag entered on this Register:

"The Australian Triumph Stag Register" (ATSR) is a spreadsheet, not a Car Club, designed to gather and record information about Triumph Stags in Australia.
The information sought includes its location, Registration number, Commission/Compliance Plate numbers, Build and Body Plate numbers, and engine number.

With privacy being an important consideration these days, members control what information is recorded by consulting with the ATSR Administrator, John Powell.
The spreadsheet is updated and emailed to ATSR members and Triumph Car Clubs only on a monthly basis.
No personal information is shown other than a Name and the State members live in.
New Members also receive Technical and other interesting information about the Triumph Stag.
Email addresses of new members are automatically added to the email distribution list.

The ATSR is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (part of Microsoft Office package).
If your computer will not open the ATSR spreadsheet, use Google SheetsClick here for instructions.

To list your Triumph Stag on the ATSR, complete the Registration Form (see link above) or
email photographs of your car's Plates and Numbers listed above to