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TCCV Tool Library Inventory

Latest complete inventory of the Club Tool Library is listed below.
Tools are provided as a service to members. Enquiries to the Club Tool Librarian.
Updated Thursday 7 May 2020

1  x    Gunsons Eezibleed Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Bleeder 1  x    Thermal Thermometer
1  x    SST-270 Cooling System Pressure Tester 1  x    25-50mm TTI Outside Micrometer
1  x   Vacuum Gauge 1  x    .001 - 0.5 Vertex Dial Gauge and Magnetic base
1  x    Kingchrome Universal Clutch Alignment Tool 1  x     Q-1422 Dick Smith Digital Multimeter
1  x    Spiggot Shaft for 2500 Clutch Alignment 1  x     Hub Rear Hub Pullers - to suit 2500 and Stag
2  x     Hub Rear Hub Pullers - to suit Spitfire and Heralds
2  x     2 Open Ended (Rear Axle Hub) Spanners 1  x     Hub Puller (Home made - very crude)
3  x     Tie Rod Breaker (Fork Type) 1  x     Ball Joint Breaker Tool (Claw Type)
1  x     Ball Joint Breaker Tool (Claw Type) 1  x     2 in 1 Gear Puller Kit (3 Leg Type)
1  x     Window Removing Tool (Ford/Holden) 1  x     110 ftb.ft 150 Nm 1/2" Drive Torque Wrench
1  x     Optimax Compression Tester 1  x     Coxhead Synchrometer
1  x     Brake Shoe Removing Tool 1  x     Exhaust Gas Analyser (ring Roger McCowan if you require this)
1  x     Engine Stand (ring Roger McCowan if you require this) 1  x     Engine Stand
           Bob Ritchie has this item. Ask Membership Officer for contact details
1  x     Chain & Tackle - Two TON Capacity 1  x    Manual Gearbox filler plug removal tool (for over-tightened filler plugs)
1  x     TS 8006 Vacuum Pressure Pump and Brake Bleeding Kit. New. 1  x     Carburettor Flow Meter, Type SK. New.
           Replaces Coxhead Synchro-meter (Defective).
1  x    Lisle Corp. MacPherson Strut tool, 62300.
           (Suit 2500 and Stag front springs)
1  x    Radiator Pressure Test Pump, make not known. New.
           Replaces Gin Seng SST – 270 (Defective).
1  x     Stag Stud Remover Tool. New. 1  x    Thin Air Press Kit, by Roarockit.
1  x     Mechpro Flexible Sparkplug Wrench 21mm. 1  x    Toledo, Ball Joint Separator, to suit [2500 series sedans and triumph Stags] Fork opening 22mm.
1  x     A device to compress front coil springs for TR3A series cars.
           (Refer David Ferguson for more information. Manufactured and supplied by David).

Download the instructions for the following Tools. PDF file reader required.

Vacuum Gauge
Cooling System Pressure Tester
Eezibleed Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Bleeder



Club tools are provided solely to facilitate members who would not get the full use of a tool if they were to purchase one.
The loan of Club tools shall create no liability or responsibility to TCCV, or upon its Office Bearers or Committee.